What Makes A Great Ad Campaign


It’s not how many people hear it, it’s how many people heed it. An effective ad shouldn’t make people think “what a great ad” an effective ad should make people think “what a great product”.

Here are are 3 things your advertising must do to create that response:


Be Distinctive

The quality of being individual or easily distinguishable.

As a species we are hard-wired to notice what is different. Yet, the problem with most ads is they sound like all the other ads in that category. There is a ‘safety in numbers myth’ amongst advertisers. They think it must be right because everyone in their market is doing it, which is exactly why it’s wrong. If someone else is doing something similar to you, you’re both in trouble. Subvert your category norms. It’ll draw attention to your brand. After all, it’s hard to sell to someone who isn’t listening.


Be Consistent

Consistency leads to Familiarity. Familiarity leads to Trust. Trust leads to Sales.

Invest in creative for the long term. Advertisers can enhance results and effectiveness by 49% from radio by applying a more consistent creative idea through their campaign. Employing recognisable audio cues, such as voice and music draw the listener in. Ads are more effective when common audio features across all media.

However, being consistent is NOT running 1 ad for 12 months. Valuable airtime funds are wasted when you let your ad stagnate. Been on air for 7-8 weeks? Freshen it up!



Say One Thing Well

Consider a man lying on a bed of nails. He can lie there all day but nothing penetrates, that’s your ad when you include too much information. Now consider that man lying on one nail. OUCH! That’s your ad with a clear, focussed, single-minded proposition that tells people the ONE most compelling reason they should care about this thing you’re selling.


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